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Our Curriculum

Our goal is to provide students with a diverse range of STEM experiences.

All of our lessons are taught in an interactive and engaging style in which students are encouraged to act as critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

Our curriculum is broken down into two parts:

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes differ in time depending on location.

Weekly classes are unique in topic and cover all STEM areas, which we've categorized below.

Hover over each box below to learn more about these different types of classes. 

Students learn how to code. 

Students with no prior experience to coding learn how to use Scratch and experiment with block code as they create games, animations, and many more. More advanced students learn how to use Python and other programming languages. We incorporate mathematics as well!


Students participate in engineering challenges, in which a prompt is given and students engineer a solution. 


Students learn about the engineering design process and will get a taste of what being an engineer is like as they go through the steps of brainstorming, designing, and testing.


Classes will cover both foundational areas of science (biology, chemistry, etc.) and unique areas (space exploration, medical science, forensics, etc.)!

Students will learn to ask questions about the world around them as they delve into the plethora of scientific processes in their everyday lives. Students do this by engaging in virtual activities or experiments after a scientific presentation.


Students gain technology experience in real-world applications.


Some of these areas include 3-D modeling with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) using Onshape/Tinkercad, website development using Wix/SquareSpace/Google Sites/Weebly, video making using Powtoon/Capcut/WeVideo, robotics, NLP, AI, cybersecurity, etc!


Student Saturdays

Student Saturdays take place every Saturday at the same time for all chapters, allowing students across the nation to interact. 

These classes are more open-ended and provide students with opportunities outside of our traditional weekly class structure. Each month has a different Student Saturday theme, allowing students to successively build and dive deep into a certain STEM area. Events on these Saturdays may include guest speakers, at-home science labs, and hackathons! Students will also have the opportunity to assistant teach!

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