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About Us


Adhwita Gopi Selvan

Founder & Co-President

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Raelynn Cui


Adhwita is a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is majoring in Computer Science + Education: Learning Sciences, BS. This blended major allows her to pursue her dreams of continuing to create/utilize technology to change STEM education for youth globally. She is also minoring in business, with a focus in entrepreneurship to help grow this nonprofit and be a leader in EdTech startups! In high school, she graduated with a STEM diploma (CS pathway) and an AP Capstone diploma (for engaging in research). She is also an AP Scholar with distinction for successfully earning credit for numerous college level courses throughout year and was a dual enrollment student. Outside of school, she teaches private programming to youth at Code Ninjas. She is trained and has certifications in Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, React, and more. Currently, she is working on app-development projects. She also engages in research projects frequently. This has included creating physics-educational modules at a local college, primary research on educational inequalities youth face, and a BackTesting stock market analysis. She is also a dancer and has been trained in world dance forms, including Indian Classical Dance for the past 12 years. She has been featured in a project with UNESCO! Adhwita is excited to pursue her passions at college as well as continuing to grow Inspire Curiosity throughout her undergraduate years. She is so proud of what Inspire Curiosity has accomplished these past three years!

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Raelynn is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. While her major is currently undecided, she is exploring Penn's Cognitive Science, Digital Media Design, and Data Science programs.   In high school, Raelynn was the recipient of the Williams College Book Award for her "intellectual leadership" and "contribution to the extracurricular life of her school." She was the co-president of Science Olympiad and a member of Hopewell Valley's National Honor Society chapter. Raelynn was also recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction for earning scores of 5 on Physics 1, US History, Biology, Calculus AB, English Literature & Composition, Drawing, Chemistry, US Government & Politics, and Statistics exams. Previously, Raelynn has interned at Princeton University's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. She researched lung branching morphogenesis, learned how to dissect and culture embryonic chicken lungs, and used image analysis software (ImageJ) to gather data and aid in developing a novel culturing system.  In her free time, Raelynn loves painting and playing tennis. She has been taking visual art classes for the past 12 years and played on the varsity tennis team for Hopewell Valley. 

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