Adhwita Gopi Selvan and Raelynn Cui


We are the founders of Inspire Curiosity, a student-run non-profit corporation. We are both sophomores who have been involved in the STEM program of Hopewell Valley for many years and share a passion for STEM.  At Hopewell Valley, we've had the privilege of being exposed to a wide range of STEM-related opportunities since elementary school, ranging from clubs, classes, and events. We're both pursuing STEM pathways at our school and we're involved in many science-related clubs as well (such as Science Olympiad and HOSA). One of us even teaches at a coding center for children outside of school as well!


We recognize that not all districts and curricula are as supportive and involved in STEM education as ours, which is where we come into play. Through Inspire Curiosity, we aim to promote STEM exposure in such areas by providing young students with fun and impactful classes that are sure to inspire curiosity!


What is Inspire Curiosity?

At Inspire Curiosity, we offer free STEM lessons to any student in grades 3-6. Our primary goal is not to teach, but to inspire. Through the many programs/classes that we offer (see the "Classes" page), we hope to ignite a spark in our students that motivates them to pursue STEM related opportunities in the future. 

Find more information on how we run our classes here!


Our Mission Statement


Inspire Curiosity aims to serve as a stepping stool for students into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). By introducing these subjects to students at a young age we hope to encourage curiosity and strengthen inquisitive minds. Fostering interest not only has a positive effect on learning skills but also encourages students to ask questions about the world around them. Our philosophy centers around the concept that curiosity is the driving force behind the desire to improve and the exploration of knowledge. Therefore, by guiding pupils in building the strong foundation of an inquisitive mindset, we aim to help them grow and develop as self-motivated critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Our Vision During the Pandemic

Our goal is to promote STEM exposure within underprivileged school communities, or in areas in which the curricula lack in STEM resources.  Even with COVID-19 and its numerous setbacks relating to in-person teaching, we still want to encourage involvement among young students. As a result, we've begun to hold online classes that guide pupils through various topics under STEM.  We conduct these online classes through Zoom, Google Classroom, and other various platforms. All online classes will be taught by us, Adhwita and Raelynn, however, we have a lot of volunteers with STEM-related backgrounds and interests.  Although online classes are new to us all, we aim to make our lessons just as captivating and immersive as in-person teachings.