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2020 Classes

Below is a collection of our classes in 2020.
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Core Classes

Core Classes

Core classes cover all core areas of STEM. Every week, we cycle through these classes to introduce students to a multitude of subjects and topics. These classes will be held in small groups (5-6 students) of similar age, skill level, and interests.


Science Concepts

In this program...

Students will explore scientific concepts and phenomena. Classes will cover areas of biology, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, electricity, and many more! 


Students will learn to ask questions about the world around them as they delve into the plethora of scientific processes in their everyday lives. Students will also engage in virtual activities relating to scientific concepts after scientific presentations.

Intro to Engineering

In this program...

Students will participate in engineering challenges, in which a prompt is given and students will have to brainstorm and engineer a solution. 


Students will learn about the engineering process and will get a taste of what being an engineer is like as they go through the steps of brainstorming, designing, and testing.

Website Building

In this program...

Students will learn how to build their own websites!


Students will get the opportunity to use Wix, SquareSpace, Google Sites, and Weebly to customize and create their own websites. 

In this program...

Students will get more familiar with technology, math, and graphics as they explore many sites.

Students will utilize Tinkercad, Scratch, and Hour of Code to create virtual 3D objects and program their own games!

Intro to Tech
Intro to Coding

In this program...

Students will learn more about the basics of coding. 

Students will use Scratch to experiment with block coding as they create games, animations, and many more. They'll also have time to work with  Python or other programming languages!

In this program...

Students will learn how to edit and make their own videos!

Students will use either I-Movie or WeVideo to customize their own videos by using different skills like editing and design. 

Continuous Clases

Continuous Classes

Homework Help

In this class...

Students will have the opportunity to ask us any questions they may have about homework relating STEM! We can help them study for a test/quiz, learn a difficult concept, or guide them through a few homework problems. 

Elective Classes

Elective Classes

Every month, two of these classes are selected and are open to everyone. These classes will run longer than our core classes and require preregistration (more details will be provided each month).

In this program...

Students will participate in a virtual science fair! 


This will run just like a standard science fair, but will be online! Students will prepare their project and present all their information on Google slides to our judges, and prizes will be awarded!

Virtual Science Fair

In this program...

Students will build their own app. 


Students will use MIT App Inventor to code and program their very own app (that they can play and use)!

App Building

In this program...

Students will participate in a virtual hackathon! 

Students will code their own games on a platform like Scratch! They'll then have the opportunity to look at what other students created and present their games to judges. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative (and working) games. 


In this program...

Students will gain a better understanding of a multitude of medical professions. 

Students will engage in virtual activities relating to a wide range of medical topics after engaging in presentations. 

Medical Science

In this program...

Students will learn about many different STEM careers such as engineers, biologists, veterinarians, space scientists, meteorologists, and many more!


Students will get a feel of what these professions are like as they engage in presentations and play interactive games.

STEM Careers

In this program...

Students will conduct their own at-home labs and then learn about the scientific concepts behind the reactions!

At- Home Labs

In this program...

Students will learn Python (a coding language) and will have the opportunity to complete different Python projects!



In this program...

Students will record videos of themselves, their favorite things, or their surroundings. They will then put everything they recorded into a video and will learn about angles, perspectives, editing, recording, and more. 


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